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Some of my paintings that I have made over the last few years

a long talk
2002, acryllic on canvas

In general I call my way of painting 'Abstract Figurative'. I don't paint the reality like you see it before you, but always you can recognize what you see.

Figurative is my key characteristic in painting people, landscapes and other things. I seldom make a non-figurative work of art.

The "Beauty of Ugliness", or better still when we talk about life, about human kind, about nature or about everything surrounding us ugliness does not exist. Everything is worth the trouble. To give you an example the challenge to turn a person without ears into an interesting image fascinates me incredibly.

My work is not perfect. In fact my work is far from perfect. I'm not striving at perfection. This has everything to do with my philosophy that it is essential that a painting can be viewed in several ways. A perfect painting can only be painted in one particular way. And even more important it can only be viewed in one particular way.

My work is theatrical. Of course this has everything to do with my past as a theatre programmer. But above all I like to think that my work is original. At least I have not found anything like it or resembling it in my country.
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2002, acryllic on canvas

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