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The Art of Michiel Otten
Tiles, Magnets and Greeting Cards


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Tiles and Greeting Cards


Originals In Miniature is a company from the USA that offers reproductions of my work in different ways. You can find copies of my paintings on beautiful ceramic tiles that can be displayed on a table or hung on the wall, on small refrigerator magnets, or on greeting cards. Originals In Miniature is truly an International Company. Beside my work, there you can find work from Brian Rowson, an English landscape painter, Judie Ruzek, an American photographer and Kim Beardsley, a writer of poems, many poems using mostly my paintings and some of the work of the other artists as the subject



In reality, you are able to order any of my paintings reproduced on a Tile, a Greeting Card or a Magnet. For more information about the prices and selection you can request more information directly from Originals In Miniature

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If you want more information about the philosophy behind my work I will be happy to send you the context of the speech I gave at the exhibition in Palm Desert, California, or if you would like to see more of my work, please write to me and I will be most happy to answer your questions or respond to your comments.

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the dessert
owner Judie Ruzeck, Palm Dessert, CA, USA

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